TRE with Jessica Mallock Tension Stress and Trauma Release
Shepton Mallet, Somerset

Shamanic Energy Medicine and TRE ( tension, stress & trauma release exercise) Bath, Glastonbury, Somerset and London

Shamanic Energy Medicine is a simple way to let go of emotions and feelings that get in the way of you living the life you came here to live. TRE (tension, stress and trauma release exercises) are a way of releasing deep held muscle contraction from the body quieting your nervous system and bringing you back into your body. Both practices will in time bring you back into balance with yourself and the world around you.

Hello my name is Jessie and I have a Shamanic practice based in Bath and London. Shamanism is a way of coming back into connection with your souls journey, connecting you back to the nature inside you. You will then hear the quiet whispers of your true calling, your gift to the world, we all have something unique that we can share out to the world. Through Energy Healing you will find parts of yourself that you may have never known, you may find your vulnerability, innocence, curiosity, wonder, power, courage, beauty, creativity and so much more. Energy Medicine is beautiful work and often things can change in an instant and sometime more slowly. I also teach TRE (tension, stress and trauma release exercises) which is a body therapy and works really well alongside Energy Medicine as its another way of bringing you back to your body and feelings. TRE calms the nervous system and can help with stress, anxiety, PTSD, pain and so much more. TRE taps into a natural shaking mechanism that all of our bodies posses as do all animals. Seven simple exercises start a body shake and tremor, It is natures way of release. Both Shamanism and TRE bring you back in touch with your true authentic nature, free to be anything your heart desires. If you come and try either practices you will quickly realise it is only you that gets in the way of you being the best version of yourself. I write this from a personal point of exploring and letting go of wounds and I am starting to find freedom. I am work in progress so my personal work continues.

The practice is based in Somerset, Bath & Glastonbury and London, Haggerston

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