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Shamanic Energy Medicine

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine is a process that enables you to let go simply of stuck and unexpressed emotions and feelings.

Stuck energy can be seen as patterns, actions and behavior’s, such as things like relationship problems, mental and physical health, addiction, anxiety, conflicts, a story you keep telling yourself, being stuck in a job you don’t like, or you may have a feeling that life is not as great as it could be and you feel sure it could be more. You have dreams but never can take the step towards them or something is not quite right.

What is Energy?

Around your physical body you have an energy field called the Luminous Energy field with seven chakras. Chakra’s are like spinning wheels and correspond to nerve centers, major organs as well as psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being. When something happens, a trauma, something overwhelming or maybe when you haven’t been able to express yourself authentically through your voice, expression or body movement your chakra’s can get blocked or you may have an imprint in your energetic field. Sometimes these blocked energies and imprints have happened in your lifetime, or they have been carried down through generations creating family patterns or maybe an experience from a past life, or sometimes we attract other energies that are not ours from others and places. Its all energy in the wrong place, heavy energy called Hucha that belongs to the earth. For the earth this energy is like compost it grows more abundant and as you release heavy energy from your luminous energy field a space is created for light energy, light from the sun. This brings you into balance with nature, your internal nature and the nature that is all around you.

Science knows that everything is made of energy and that we are not just a physical body but also an energetic body, every thought feeling and emotion is energy and can be felt. If you think that 90 % of language is nonverbal. Maybe you have noticed when someone say’s “I fine” you will maybe have a knowing this is not always accurate. This knowing is what Shaman use to ‘see’ energy. Shaman spend time listening to themselves and undoing there wounds so that they can see more clearly, its like cleaning the windows. It is the work of the heart warriors and it means that as a Shaman I can take you to places as a guide where you can lets go safely of past wounds.

What is Healing?

Healing is letting go.

My job is to assist you to release heavy energy enabling you to let go of the past so that you can live a different life now in the present. Energy Healing releases old patterns of behavior and conditioning that often have been learnt from our relatives, our life experience, school, being part of society, work and all the ways we conform to fit in can. Often after an energy healing session you will notice a shift, and that everything seems different. Amazingly when you change something inside you the world reacts differently to you and you don’t need to change anything on the outside.

Healing means you start to follow your souls journey. Your Soul’s journey can be heard as quiet whispers, a feeling and a knowing deep inside your body. As you clear things that stop you being authentic it becomes easier to listen and to trust and then to take a step. When you start being able to hear your souls voice, synchronicity happens, you find your innocence, wonder and curiosity. And as you step more fully into what your gift is in this world, your life will flow; you won’t need to force things to happen.

What Energy medicine will you do?

I will start with a process called Illumination, which is a method to release heavy energy and to over light it with golden light. Overtime I will be able to perform a soul retrieval, which is a way of claiming back a part of yourself that disappears before something happens, something innocent and venerable that has been un-touched. This a beautiful process. I can also give the Munay Ki which is 9 energetic rites which have been passed down from the Q’ero Shaman in Peru, think of it as a love virus.

How often should I come?

Once a month is a good way to start and for how long is dependant on you and the issues you want to explore and release. We will talk about that at the first session.

What will happen at a session?

We will start by talking about the thing that brings you.
Together we will go backwards in time, listening to your body to find the first time something happened, the original wound.

I will then ask you to lie down and to breathe; I will hold your head and help your body release the old energy.

Lastly we will work together to create a new body map, which is usually a movement and something you say to yourself, this will be your homework for 28 days.

Wear loose comfortable clothes so you are free to move.

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