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Here are some testimonials from recent clients

“I met Jessie at a networking meeting and since I am fascinated in body work and trauma release I was very interested to find out more about TRE. I was drawn to Jessie’s energy, her calm and authentic presence and since I’m a kinaesthetic person I decided to book a 1:1 session so that I could experience TRE. Jessie came to my home to facilitate the session.

Jessie described the process very clearly and calmly and took me through each step at a speed at which I could easily understand and process. I felt really safe and supported. I enjoyed the experience and found myself shaking at the end, although I don’t think that I was as aware of it as Jessie was, as the facilitator? After the 1:1 session I decided to join a group experience a few weeks later. It was great to hear the exercises explained over again and I began to have a deeper understanding of TRE and its benefits. Jessie creates a very safe, nurturing and relaxed environment and I felt really calm at the end of the evening.

If you are intrigued to find out more I would definitely recommend Jessie as a kind, caring and supportive facilitator and so do give her a call.”

Rosie Withey - Horses as Teacher

I attended my first TRE class with some intrepidation, and somewhat surprised that I had decided to actually attend! I'd had no previous experience so was pretty unsure what to expect. Jessie was welcoming and calming from the minute I joined the class. She exudes a therapeutic presence of peace, acceptance and genuine empathy. All with clear, respectful boundaries and tact.

TRE itself is magnificent - a total revelation for me, in that it made a near immediate difference to my anxiety levels. Within a few days my head felt a very different place, far calmer and less chattering with anxious thoughts. I've found a much more compassionate self talk through only a handful of sessions of TRE.

The classes with Jessie are clear, calm and nurturing. I always feel safe and contained by her, to let things develop in the way they need to for me - there are never any expectations or sense of pressure. Everyone in the class is encouraged to experience their own journey, whilst respecting each others' and taking learning from each other. Jessie attends to everyone individually and is highly observant and attentive to each persons needs in the session. She is highly relationally intuitive!

Thankyou Jessie for facilitating my developing experience of TRE which has truly made more change to my life than language based therapies. Ironic as I work in language based therapy!!!

Mental Health Nurse Therapist

“ I was sceptical that TRE would make much of a difference for me. Indeed, when it was described to me, I didn’t expect to be able to shake. But Jessica was patient and kind and explained carefully what would happen. And it did and does. It is a strange feeling but afterwards you feel clean and peaceful, sleep very well and want to do it again. “


I met Jessie through networking and was fascinated by her work. She kindly offered me a taster session and I was impressed by her gentle manner and the way that she repeatedly checked in with how I was feeling. I felt very safe in her hands. TRE is an amazing way of 'getting out of your headspace' and connecting with your body. I have already recommended this therapy, and Jessie, to several of my clients and it is now part of the range of approaches that I regularly include in the Wellbeing Plans that I offer to clients who come to me for a META-Health analysis.

Robyn Harris
Wellbeing Coach

I have known Jessie Mallock for many years. I have watched the thoughtful and gentle ways she brings to any and every subject she pursues, be it: philosophic, or physical. TRE is the natural progression for her to study and teaching. She is open and clear and extremely generous with her knowledge. TRE has been so important and helpful as l have Rrheumatoid arthritis. With thanks to Jessie l remain mobile.
Artist and writer

I lead Buddhist meditation retreats and classes and I was interested to learn TRE to help people who find that meditation brings up difficult experiences. I found Jessie to be a calm, grounded and kind teacher of TRE. She creates a very safe and relaxing environment. She was intuitive and wise in her interactions with me. I have found her teaching invaluable and have now been doing the practise almost every day for 18 months. I feel that I have benefited enormously from TRE. The tremors have accessed deep patterns that 22 years of Buddhist meditation and yoga practise had not fully released. I feel that my nervous system is much calmer and I am much freer and happier as a result of using this practise.

Sukhasiddhi McCallum
Buddhist Teacher

Recently, during mediation, I had often begun to involuntarily but gently rock so when I saw a flyer for Jessie's TRE class I was intrigued; was my rocking a form of shaking and trauma release? On arrival to the class I was warmly greeted by Jessie and we were all invited to share some of our reasons for attending which helped to create a safe space for us all. Jessie explained the origins of TRE in a straightforward manner and then took us through the exercises. Jessie has a calm manner and was excellent at ensuring we all felt comfortable with the exercises. Even though it was a group class, we all received individual attention. Jessie's gentle guidance was appreciated and important in something like TRE which can trigger powerful emotions. I'd highly recommend TRE and Jessie to anyone keen to explore non-talking therapies for releasing blocks - it's a relatively gentle yet effective tool.


TRE has been a brilliant therapy for me, helping to resolve physical and mental issues. Jessie Mallock is brilliant

Peter Quicke
Managing Director, Ninja Tune Limited

My first and only experience so far with TRE is one I sincerely hope to repeat. Having had no experience of it nor met anyone who had, Jessica presented the group session in such a calm, nurturing and sensitive way, that I felt immmediately relaxed, safe and under no pressure whatsoever to 'perform' - a misguided idea I'd had before the session began. With the teacher's gentle and encouraging instruction and coaxing, my experience was both physically and emotionally profound. I felt an enormous sense of clearing out as a result. My chest (and more importantly my heart) literally felt wide open, I felt perfectly aligned, light and accepting, for want of a better word. I would encourage anyone interested in trauma release to try TRE - and recommend Jessica as their guide through it whole heartedly.

Georgie Hopton

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